About me

Simply an artist at heart, I love the outdoors and find inspiration in the raw beauty of nature. I grew up in the wild Alaskan wilderness and hold a special place in my heart for all things untamed.  My son was born on a frigid (45 degrees below zero) night in Fairbanks, right before I left those woods and began a 10 yr exploration of the Army life. Being an Army spouse was a blend of challenging and exciting… it offered me the exotic opportunity to live and study abroad, but it was very hard to manage the daily stresses and demands of the service. I spent three delightful years in Italy, learning how to embrace La Dolce Vita before returning to the United States. After a few more years trying to reconcile the challenges of Army life, I decided to return to my home and family in Central Oregon.  Bend welcomed me back with the sweet familiar scent of pine and juniper… and the ever-present contrast between the stark desert landscape and peaceful flowing rivers. I have enjoyed reconnecting with my rural roots, and the peace that comes with slowing down and settling into the support of our local community.

I am most passionate about the creative arts, community and helping others. I love that I get to working with inspired professionals whose businesses are fueled by a passion to serve.  I basically stumbled upon Graphic Design as a career… after becoming burnout from 12 years in the field of early childhood development; I applied for a job with the Navy in their Marketing Department. I mentored under an expert in the field, learning the ins and outs of the programs and discovering I had a natural talent for design. It was a fast paced environment and I loved the variety of the work. I spent the next decade balancing being a student, a mother and working full-time as an in-house designer before embarking on my own.

Working as an entrepreneur has given me the freedom and flexibility to explore many avenues of design and marketing.  I enjoy offering face-to-face and virtual support specifically customized to meet the unique needs of the heart-centered entrepreneur and practitioner. When working with me, you will receive nurturing assistance for the development and maintenance of your prosperous and growing business. Whether you need brand building, graphic design or website development, I offer special tailored packages – providing you with affordable and exceptional creative solutions.

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