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I offer support and services for the unique needs of heart-centered entrepreneurs and practitioners. I’ll work alongside you to customize the level of service you desire, so that you are receiving exactly the assistance you need, throughout the development and maintenance of your prosperous and growing business.  Below are some client spotlights and some examples of my work:

Kristy Sinsara, The Ninja Life

Contracted as Kristy’s in-house graphic designer, I provide steady support through the growth of the Ninja Life brand, as well as, her personal brand.  It is inspiring work, full of encouragement and raw honest truths.  I am honored to support her purpose and love each and every opportunity I have to contribute creatively to her life’s work. Find Kristy on Facebook, her website or join the Ninja Life movement!

Highlights include:

❀ Book cover design for Sincerely, Sinsara and Restart Your Life
❀ Poster Design
❀ Ninja Life Inspiration Deck 

Unity Community of Central Oregon

When I met with the Unity Minister, Board of Directors & community members, it became very clear why their old website was not working for them. They needed a systematic change – much more than just the new look. To begin with, the community is deeply interconnected, rich in Spirit and with a wealth of metaphysical information which simply was not being communicated online. I learned that everyone was interested in connecting online, accessing information like classes and events quickly and easily, and being able to feel present within the community even when they couldn’t make it to Sunday Service. I really enjoyed designing a site for Unity that reflects the vibrant and welcoming community that they are. Watch Unity’s weekly spiritual talks, listen on iTunes or visit their site!

Highlights include:

❀ Robust website with focus on being visually inviting & easy for volunteers to update
❀ Implementing videography & podcasting for Sunday Services w/ thorough volunteer training
❀ Streamlining online communication channels with beautiful graphics (Community Heartbeat Newsletter & Facebook)
❀ Coaching through the process of beginning a Minister’s Blog

What Unity shares about their experience working with me:

“The original website Unity had was hard to edit and had an outdated and uninteresting look. Melissa came in like a breath of fresh air and gave us a beautiful new look that is mobile friendly and easy to update. We continue to engage her to add and subtract the more technical aspects each month, such as new banners for a major program we might be offering and she never fails to produce high quality results. Additionally, she is a font of ideas for how we could monetize the website or ways to keep increasing relevancy. Melissa has been such an affordable asset to our ministry!” 

You Are Fine, Jane Hiatt

Working with Jane is a real treat! When she reaches out for help with a project she is ready to do the work needed in order to take the project from conceptualization right through implementation. Redesigning and rebranding her business was a fantastic project because what she was after was a new feeling, not just a new look. It was lovely to have the opportunity to wear a few of my favorite hats – my NLP Coach hat and multimedia design hat and community/connection building hat – in order to create a holistic solution that brought a more complete representation of Jane’s life work to her website. Visit Jane’s site to check out her free meditations and more!

Highlights include:

❀ Designing a beautiful new look for web and print
❀ Book cover design and typesetting for Love Letters From the Mother
❀ Incorporating Jane’s roles as a hypnotherapist, couples counselor, spiritual guide & Unity Minister
❀ Coaching and guiding the creative process of re-branding
❀ Adding Jane’s Shop as an e-commerce element to the site
❀ Creating Video Courses designed after classes Jane teaches in person

What Jane shares about her experience working with me:
“Melissa is fabulous to work with. In a sense, she defies categories because she’s skilled with the tech stuff but she’s also a master NLP practitioner and she calls me on my blocks and helps me past them. She redesigned my website and helped me simplify it so much and I’ve gotten loads of positive comments since. In my experience—and I’ve had quite a few web designs over my 23 years in business—designers are skilled technically but leave it largely up to me to figure out what should go on the site, both look and content. Melissa coached me on what was really important and where viewers would get lost or tune out and what would grab them. She designed my business card, which I love and which has had rave receptions when I hand it out. She has videotaped material I want to offer online and coached me with questions I hadn’t thought to cover and then edited the video to make a high quality product. When I felt insecure about moving forward on something, she used her hypnosis skills to help me get past the block. I am so glad to have Melissa in my corner and I know that you will be too if you’re lucky enough to engage her services.”

Women’s Sacred Drum Circle, Katie Cavanaugh

Creating a website for the Woman’s Sacred Drum Circle was a real delight.  This community of women is vivacious, intrepid, and filled with heart-to-heart connection. They continue to grow and expand community through the website visibility, along with a monthly Meetup group. When you visit the site, be sure to listen to the guided visualization and subscribe for the monthly reminder for these sacred gatherings!

Sol Alchemy, Breyn Hibbs

Bre reached out to me looking for help in creating a quarterly calendar that could be used for each season of events and classes held at Sol Alchemy Temple.  Standard calendars are created in grid formats (box-y and boring) and after sitting with her over tea, my mind wasfilled with ideas for creating a spiral calendar.  It would be a challenge to portray the necessary information in this format, but I love a good challenge.  The calendar turned out exquisitely and was well received by the community!  It was a beautiful showcase of the care and thought that goes into everything that the Sol Alchemy temple does within our community! Visit Sol Alchemy’s Facebook page to keep up-to-date on current offerings.

What Breyn Hibbs shares about her experience working with me:

“Working with this woman has been such a TREAT! Her creative genius is off the charts! She works with and from the Feminine. She’s not into “marketing as usual,” and instead, is totally invested in telling “the bigger story” … in the name of creating and building connections, relationships and community. What more could a modern-day Temple want and need as an ally in building bridges between the truth of our work and the world of technology and social media. Get ahold of THIS lady if you’ve seen and loved our spring calendar … and/or, if you’re simply done with the old paradigm of marketing solely for a bottom line.”

Web Design and Creative Services, in Bend Oregon

Whether you need a website, a logo for your business, a poster for your event or a display for your organization, you’ll need a Creative Director and I’d love to help you!  It all begins with a complimentary discovery session, where you let me know what you’re looking for. If you have any questions about my services, please let me know and I will get back to you promptly.

Book a complimentary 45-min Discovery Session, either here, in beautiful Bend, Oregon or via Skype.

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Autumn Hargrove, Deep Awake Bend Meetup 

“I met with Melissa in need of some one-on-one techy tutoring surrounding digital design for my online business. She was able to analyze what I was doing, educate me on my knowledge gaps, give advice on ways to proceed, and offer customized future support! Deciding to meet with her has saved me weeks, if not more, of frustrating, painfully slow (and possibly expensive) trial and error. I feel like I can make progress again knowing that I have someone there to save me from those moments of standstill that make me want to pull my hair out! Thanks Melissa!” 


Tarika Lea with Aloha Spirited

“As a marketing coach, Melissa’s mind is highly present and responsive. She is able to show me the options that can best support me personally, as well as, the goals of my business. In our creative planning sessions, I find her to be a breath of fresh air. I was impressed at her ability to continue a high level of support, while she lived in Italy. She was quick to offer Skype sessions in lieu of face-to-face creative planning sessions. Via Skype, she creatively tailor and facilitated highly empowering workshops on WordPress. The depth of her artistic vision and skills contribute options to enrich any project to a peak of brilliance!” 

❀ Print & Web Design 
Web Pages
Web Banners
Social Media
Page Design
Business Cards
Book Covers

❀ Digital Products 
Online Classes & Courses
PDF Downloads
Online Newsletters
CD/DVD Packaging 
Divination Cards

❀ Facebook Advertising 
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Analyzing & Planning to Save Time
One-on-One Tutoring

❀ Photography 
Advanced Photo Editing
Change Backgrounds

❀ Videography 
Company Video Introduction
Promotional Video


List of Clientele

❀ Unity Community of Central Oregon ❀ 
❀ You Are Fine with Jane Meyers Hiatt ❀ 
❀ Bridges of the Heart with Anita Stewart ❀ 
❀ Kristy Sinsara in Bend, OR ❀ 
❀ Julia Junkin in Bend, OR ❀ 
❀ Suzanne Landry in Bend, OR ❀ 
❀ Happiness Cards with Stefanie Perkins ❀ 
❀ Sol Alchemy with Breyn Hibbs and Katrina Rose Kniest ❀ 
❀ The Pencil Skirt Mom with Rebecca Zook ❀ 
❀ DorisNLP with Dr. Arpana Doris Greenwood ❀ 
❀ The Healers Gathering with Katie Cavanaugh & Regina Callahan ❀ 
❀ Surf Yoga with Carly Sullivan ❀ 
❀ Tribal Tantra with Tessabella Maiha & Eugene Hedlund ❀ 
❀ Healing Flow with Susan V. Nobles ❀ 
❀ Augusta Women’s Massage with Julie Anne Howard ❀ 
❀ Conscious Conversations with Susan Feinstein ❀ 
❀ Deep Awake: Central Oregon Community Events ❀ 
❀ Tamarack Sheds in Bend, OR ❀ 
❀ The Bend Health Guide ❀ 
❀ The Lea Method, with Tarika Lea ❀ 
❀ The Village Baker in Bend, OR ❀ 
❀ Women’s Sacred Drum Circle in Bend, OR ❀ 
❀ Indigo Tees in Augusta, GA ❀

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