Coaching for Personal & Professional Excellence

Go Beyond Standard Life Coaching to Achieve your Goals


Step into your power to confidently create a life you want.

    • Feel confident to go after your goals, both big and small

    • Be motivated with a solid action plan

    • Avoid disappointment by actually getting things done while immediately halting procrastination habits

    • Enhance your productivity and resourcefulness personally and professionally

    • Special assessments to discover hidden talents, skills and unconscious personality traits

    • Enhance your communication style to be heard and respected

    • Be happier by aligning your values more with your life

➊ Life Coaching for Excellence

By aligning yourself with your top core values in life, you will be empowered to live your life at the highest level of fulfillment with a sense of peace and harmony. Life coaching ignites your passion for life and all that it has to offer.

➋ Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro-Linguistics Programming is a style of coaching that uses a series of techniques to transform your mind and behavior into a confident and empowered leader. 

➌ Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Unconsciously remove limitations and install empowering suggestions to help you achieve success. Improve your life by removing limiting beliefs, release negative emotions and create a compelling future.


Both NLP and hypnosis speak the language of the unconscious and communicate directly with it. It has been said that 90% of our mind is unconscious, which means that we will experience success or failure in direct relation to how our unconscious minds are working for us or working against us.

In your sessions with Melissa you will enhance your sense of self, and naturally, anything you attempt will feel easier, and any goal you pursue will be easier to attain. Rather than having your unconscious mind at odds with what you desire, it will support you and help you to succeed.

Standard life coaching focuses on the present and the future.

My coaching tools are designed to successfully deal with the past, present and future.

It’s like personal development and psychotherapy together.

Because who wants to create an awesome life and then drag old baggage with them?

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Uncover Life’s Purpose ❀ Specific Goal Planning ❀ Life Transitions ❀ Relationship Building (personal/business) ❀ Career ❀ Create Work / Life Balance ❀ Time Management ❀ Turn Self Doubt Into Self Confidence ❀ Reduce Stress (Work/Home/School) 

I’m Melissa Tugmon and I’d love to help build a brand + grow a tribe that supports your business and lifestyle. When working with me, you will receive nurturing assistance for the development and maintenance of your prosperous and growing business. Located in Bend, Oregon. Serving women around the globe.

Melissa is certified as a Neuro-Linguitic Programming and Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner through the Society of NLP and Conscious Solutions Training Institute with Dr. A. Doris Greenwood.





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