Women’s Red Moon Medicine Drum Making Sisterhood Gathering

with Melissa Tugmon & Tarika Lea

Join us in Bend on Oct 3 & 6 with Drum Awakening on Oct 8.  This transformational workshop includes all materials for a 16-inch elk hide and maplewood Red Moon Medicine Drum.

Discover a sisterhood of women, connected through the heartbeat of the drum. Together we will create a sacred space of healing, ceremony, journey work, and of belonging. From the womb, we were serenaded with the heartbeat of the mother… boom-boom, boom-boom, boom-boom, boom-boom. That soothing and anchoring beat was the first rhythmic sound we heard, grounding us on our journey to birth.

Creating a personal medicine drum, with your sacred intention, is a powerful act of personal responsibility.

Indeed, this is a creative act that can be a portal to freedom. Discover how drumming can assist you to break through and break open into the fullness of your heart’s purpose. Join us on this journey!

Women’s Red Moon Medicine Drum Making Sisterhood Gathering

Oct 3rd, 6-8:30 pm Sacred Communion Evening

Oct 6th, 10 am-5 pm Drum Medicine Making Day

Oct 8th from 6-8:30 pm Drum Stick Making & Drum Awakening

You may call/text Melissa at 541-280-3642 for more information.

The price is $325. Registration deadline is Sept. 25th, so that supplies can be ordered. There is a possibility that there may be materials available closer to the date of the class, so please do not hesitate to inquire after registration has closed.

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A message from the facilitators:

Melissa Tugmon

Do you desire to journey deeply with a sisterhood of women? I invite you to come alongside and create this with me, sharing stories of healing & triumph. I will share my journey with drum making and the transformation that has happened through playing the drum.  In her Drum Awakening, I named my Red Moon Medicine Drum Weaver.  As I drum, she invites me to step into the wisdom of being a woman who weaves and to learn more about the ancient woman’s art of weaving.

“Weaving involves crossing two threads, the warp and the weft, one vertical and the other horizontal, one stretched taut and the other undulating and intertwined with the first. To produce the textile it is necessary for these two threads to be bound, otherwise each will remain a fragile and fluttering potentiality…if the meeting of opposites does not take place, nothing is created, for each element is defined by its opposite and takes its meaning from it.”

–Dario Valcarenghi, ZATI The Art of Weaving a Life

I invite you to come and make your Red Moon medicine drum and step into a place of solidarity and empowerment on your own healing journey.

~Melissa Tugmon


Tarika Lea

I am a drum maker. I weave medicine with my body’s breath and strength using skin, wood and color. To my amazement in deep meditative states I am gifted time and again a creative relationship with what I touch. What I touch, touches me. This mysterious exchange of life force stimulates endless inspiration and insight. This communion is a gift I hope to never take for granted. As the birthing of the Spirit within the drum evolves with every step, I have come to a deep respect for my ancestors. They have used the drum to create community and personal calm. It’s medicine has taught me to connect to the Goodness of all of creation and wisdoms that are far greater than the limited thinking and short span of life within this body. Join us in this potent journey and experience all and more of this for yourself.

~Tarika Lea

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    I am Kellie, I met you at Harmony House Saturday. I would like to get on your mailing list for upcoming events.

    • Hi Kellie! I loved meeting you at the drum circle and I look forward to seeing more of you! I will add you to my contact list! ~Melissa

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